Decisions Plus


Automobile Dealership Management System

DECISIONS PLUS ERP – Automobile Dealership Management System for Automobile Industry
Decisions Plus ERP- ADMS is a fully customized integrated web enabled software for Small scale and Large scale Automobile Dealerships which mainly covers the activities like Enquiry tracking, Order Booking and Billing, Vehicle Tracking and File Closing, Inventory Funding, Sales Incentive tracking, Service Tracking, Mail Alerts ,Post Service Follow up etc

User levels

Admin, Dealership, Region, Branch, Outlet

Enquiry Tracking

Enquiry Entry, Enquiry Follow up, Post Enquiry Follow up
Linking with DMS Application
Linking with Order Booking and Billing Application
Enquiry and Follow up detailed and summary Reports.
Enquiry Entry, Enquiry Follow up, Post Enquiry Follow up
Linking with DMS Application

Order Booking & Billing

Order Booking Form, Cancel Order Booking Form
Vehicle Pooling Provisions, Provisions for Booking Allotment.
Cancel Booking Allotment, Provisions for Registration Request.
Cancel Registration Request.
Sales Invoice, Cancel Sales Invoice
Delivery receipt, Cancel Delivery Receipts
Refining of Pending Payments.(Blocking the vehicle when delivery postponed)
Post Sale Follow up, Linking with DMS Application
Booking detailed and summary Reports
Allotment detailed and summary reports
Sales register, Purchase reports
Stock reports, Cancellation reports
Vehicle Tracking & File Closing
Vehicle Dispatch, Yard receipt
Branch Transfer, Schemes & Offers
File Closing: Entering Invoice and finance Details, Entering extended warranty, Insurance, Road tax, Exchange and Brokerage Details. Accessories details, Receipt Details, Discount Details and Customer Account
Payout Entry, Win back entry, File Closing Transfer

Inventory Funding

Receipt entry, Expense entry, Payment entry
Disbursement entry, Inventory Funding Accounts Report

Alerts & Reminders (By auto mail)

Discount deviation, Zero Deviation
Accessories Discount Mail, Least Accessories Mail, Customer Account balance Mail (Vehicle delivered without collecting full payment), Transit Delay

Reports & Analysis

Vehicle in Transit Report, Vehicle in Stock Report, Vehicles Undelivered Report, Pending Transfer Status,
Team Leader Performance Reports, FSE Performance Reports.
Finance Payout reports, Winback Reports.
Per Vehicle margin Reports.
Insurance reports, Brokerage reports.
Scheme Reports, Transfer In and out reports.
Sales register, Purchase register.
Customer account balance – Receivable, Customer account balance – Payable
Loyalty Reports, Discount Details, Vehicle history
Extended warranty reports, Exchange Reports
File Closing Details, Invoice Deletion Details
Monthly profitability Analysis, FSE Sales vs. Target
Pending payout summary monthly, Payout Ledger – finance company wise
Pending MF customer wise, Winback- Accessories sales
Winback- Extended warranty, Winback- Payout.
Exchange performance Summary, FSE Exchange performance Summary

Post Sales
Vehicle Service Tracking

Branch Creation, User creation, Create Response
Non Response, Dissatisfied Response, Blocked Response
Postponed Response, Already Done
Live response, Model Entry
Service Type-FS & PS, Regn No


Source of Information-Entering Information, Import Customer Details
External Details, Follow Up-list Generation
Follow Up Response Entry, Appointment Status
Non-Response Status Entry, Dissatisfied Status Entry


Blocked Status Entry, Follow Up-list Register
Appointment Register, Dissatisfied Register
Non-Response Status Register, Blocked Status Register
Postponement Register, Visited/Non Visited Register